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Food banks for family pets

I learned something new this weekend.

Although I have been a supporter of animal shelters for many years now, I never realized that there were such things as food banks for animals. This past weekend, I was invited to a fundraiser at Masters ‘n Dogs in Ottawa, which was being held to benefit an organization called Paw Pantry. Paw Pantry is a brilliant idea: it’s a food bank for pets.

charcoal drawing of a golden retriever

I had not stopped to consider that some people may face the difficult decision of surrendering their pet to a shelter because, due to some temporary financial difficulty---such as a job loss or illness---they are not able to afford pet food. Like food banks for humans, the pet food bank is mean to provide some temporary relief to those who need it. It’s a way to keep pets at home with their families, and to avoid the stress on both people and pets that would occur if an animal had to be surrendered to a shelter.

Masters ‘n Dogs hosted a great fundraiser and it was awesome to see how many people in the local community came out to participate and to support Paw Pantry. I had some animal paintings and drawings on display at Masters ‘n Dogs, and I have committed to giving 10% of any business I get from their customers to Paw Pantry to help with the work they do.

If you’re in the Ottawa area, please consider picking up something for Paw Pantry when you are grocery shopping---or if you’re not in the area, check to see whether there is a pet food bank in your town or city that could use a little help.



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