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Introducing . . . a new website and a special offer

Welcome to my new website, dedicated to portraits of animals.

Usually, I paint people and landscapes, and people in landscapes. People have always been my favourite subject because I love the challenge of capturing a sense of life, and the unique spirit of each individual sitter. Recently, though, I painted a portrait of a dog for a friend, and that led to a few more requests for pet portraits. As an animal lover, I thoroughly enjoyed the process—so much so, that I wanted to do more of them. The challenge of painting a companion animal is much the same as with painting people: there is personality to capture, specific colours and textures, and complex anatomy underlying all of it.

So . . . I decided to launch a website dedicated to pet portraits. And why would anyone want to commission a pet portrait? Well, I think this picture says it all:

Girl and dog sitting on the beach together

As a special, introductory offer, I'm reducing the price of commissions for 12x16 oil paintings to $375 until October 31, 2016 only. The regular price is $525. 

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